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Treating Skin Holistically

As an industry, we are realising that to truly change the skin, we need to do more than just work topically. 

Products and treatments are only half the story.

Working holistically involves looking beyond skincare products and considering factors like diet and lifestyle and the role they play in the health and beauty of our skin. 

Learn how to work holistically with your clients over this six month course. Master the skill of working successfully with problems like acne, rosacea, perioral and seborrheic dermatitis. Understand the specific factors that impact on your client’s skin and gain the coaching skills to help your clients make positive change.

I am excited to share this knowledge with you, so let’s get started on this learning journey.

Basic Human Nutrition - Online Course

Get an insight into the relationship between food and our skin. Learn the nutritional deficiencies and problem foods that drive skin concerns, as well as the nutrients and foods that support the skin and its barrier function.

Learn about carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins and minerals and the role they play in the healthy functioning of our bodies.

available to bestow & janesce therapists in nz:

Bestow & Janesce Universities

Bestow University
Level One

Level One of the Bestow University consists of four short videos and three simple quizzes to introduce you to the Bestow range and the power of working from within.

Bestow University
Level Two

Level Two of the Bestow University delves much deeper into each individual product in the Bestow range and takes your working from within knowledge to the next level.

Level Two can only be completed by those who have finished Level One, with the access link being sent after L1 completetion.

Janesce University

The Janesce University is a comprehensive deep dive into the Janesce range and the beauty of working holistically with skin.

This training is only open to Janesce Therapists NZ wide.

Onboarding & Students:

Please note if you are looking to continue your onboarding (- for those who have applied to become a Bestow or Janesce stockist), these are different from the links above. Please contact us at admin@janinetait.co.nz for information for this.

Students: You can sign up for the tertiary pathway here!


Holistic Skin Consultation Software

Both therapists and their clients are realising that to truly change skin, you need more than just a cream.

How the Bestow Holistic Skin Consultation works: Your client completes the online consult in their own time. Our unique software then analyses their answers and creates a comprehensive report, addressing both internal and topical factors. You receive a full programme including any relevant resources and handouts, so you can confidently take your client on their personalised skin journey.

But many therapists don’t have access to the knowledge and tools to treat the skin holistically.
This is where the Bestow Holistic Skin Consultation steps in.